Shannon Fasce  Intuitive Consultant - Intuitive Guidance & Healing
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Soul Sessions 90 Minutes $175
    Soul sessions are 90 minute sessions in which you will receive a reading and intensive energy healing session. These sessions are for all those seeking to gain clarity, release old emotional patterns and energies that no longer serve their highest good. Release Karmic & past life attachments  gain insight in to all the infinite possibilities that you hold within and regain a sense of connection and personal empowerment.
Connecting with Spirit( Medium Reading) 60 Minutes $150 
         This Reading is for those who wish to connect with their loved ones who have passed on to the spirit world . These readings are solely focused on making the connections needed to bring healing and help with the grieving process. These readings are done from a very heart centered space and are focused on bringing through messages and healing energy from your loved ones.   

Soul Reading- 60 Minutes $100
A reading is meant to be a catalyst for change to offer insight into the deepest aspect of yourself, provide insight in to current and future situations . To connect with and expand your universal consciousness, and bring in to your awareness the limitless possibilities you hold within. 
   help heal emotional pain& past trauma. Most importantly it is meant to Empower you. The work we will be doing together  is done on the deepest soul level. The goal is to bring fourth all messages and information needed to facilitate change , bring joy ,inner peace & clarity in to your life. To gain insight in to your souls purpose., and release all that no longer serves your highest good.  To restore balance for body, Mind and Soul. During a reading information is channeled from many sources ,Spirit guides, lost loved ones , your higher self, and your own energy field

          Therapeutic Guided Meditation  40 Minutes $60
   Therapeutic Guided Meditation sessions are for those seeking to release old patterns ,relieve anxiety, gain clarity, reignite creativity and elevate consciousness. 

              Intuitive Development 6 Week Intensive $360
             This is a six week course consisting of 6 individual 60 minute weekly sessions focused on developing your own unique Intuitive & Healing gifts. During this course you will receive Healing sessions , Readings and be given the tools you need to develop and utilize your gifts to help others. By the end of the course you will feel empowered , confident and will have gained the knowledge , clarity  and insight needed to move forward and share your gifts with the world!                                                                                                                

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