Shannon Fasce  Intuitive Consultant - Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Shannon has been a catalyst for me and my businesses. In our session, she offered direct and clear guidance that has served as a foundation for a beautiful healing practice to unfold. Using her talents and abilities, she was able to bring me to a place of understanding the best steps to move forward and to clarify situations in my life. As a medium, she provides clear messages that can be of strong benefit to anyone going through any difficult or confusing situations in life. Not only does she deliver the messages thoughtfully and with love but there is an energy she gives that serves as a spring point for clients to move forward with ease and allows doors to open that may have been closed before. I highly recommend Shannon's services if you feel stuck in any way, lack clarity or focus, or perhaps want to communicate with loved ones or understand situations involving the other side. - Cleo Post, Quantum Level Soul Healer

  We just  wanted to write you to say thank you. It's been about a year and a half since my first reading with you, and I can genuinely say that I am a different person today. All this time both Ryan and I have been on quite a spiritual journey. Since our readings,  we dove right into researching energy healing, Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction, channeling, psychics, quantum physics, etc. Before my reading, these were always things we were interested in but felt that it was just an interest and never took the time to integrate them into our lives. Now we're living more open, spiritual, and most importantly joyful lives. I still haven't won my lottery jackpot or found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (although I'm still waiting to get so anything coming through about that let me know). Best of all I am finally really healthy. Overnight I am healed from all the ailments that I was so wrapped up in before learning about energy healing. I merely asked for excellent health and energy and believed that one day I would have it. A few days later I felt great and still do. We've started to talk to our girls about energy at their urging as they've each seen peoples aura's and asked us about them. My oldest sees energy all around the house and loves it. She also started talking to spirit recently and is always excited to do so. As a family, we're now living from a grateful, joyful, abundant place and it's exactly the way it was meant for us to be. I believe that my reading with you is the catalyst for all these beautiful things that have happened since. Without your (and my Aunt Diane who came through) urging and guidance I'm sure it would have taken us much longer to get here if we ever got here at all. So I thank you for using your gift to help my family and me. That single 90-minute reading put us on a journey that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.  Mary Jo C Middletown NY

  My very first experience with Shannon was when my brother was visiting Shannon with a friend of his. My brother decided to call me. Shannon asked my brother who he was talking to? He said, my sister. Shannon said to tell her to be careful someone is stalking her. A week later a neighbor told me he had seen someone sitting in a vehicle across the street from my house watching my house. I knew exactly who it was and Shannon was 100% right. Several friends of mine and I have had readings with her, and she is always accurate. I have also attended a class she gave about Chakras which was very enlightening. Shannon is a very friendly, compassionate, and definitely an intuitive person. You won’t be sorry if you decide to go and see her and you could end up with a lifelong friend - Tina   Kingston, New York     
I've had several psychic readings with Shannon. Not only is she exceptionally accurate with her work, but she presents the choices in a clear manner so you can make the best decision. I can tell you that I have been highly energized at all the future possibilities that Shannon has presented during our conversations. If I chose to follow a particular path that she suggested, it was highly accurate - sometimes in the most surprising way! Another reason to call her is that she is very approachable and practical with her readings. I would suggest to anyone to take notes (if possible) during the reading; you'll be amazed at both Shannon's precision and wisdom!  The last reading Shannon did for me was right on the money! I've passed her name onto my daughter and my friends. Just incredible accuracy. -- 
I've been a client about 20 years now. Amazing Readings!!  M.G. Florida
 Shannon has a guided light that has brought me through many dark times. Her wisdom, intuition, and advice have proven accurate time and time again. She has the integrity and compassion needed to do her healing work. I have seen Shannon's intuitive healing provide others with a sense of security and restored faith. There isn't a better person to give the healing and counseling that anyone could desire"- Julie~ Buffalo NY
There was a group of us who had a reading done together with Shannon. We were all so pleased and inspired by the messages that came to each of us. Each person got individual and personalized empowerment and vision for their life. We were amazed how accurate (the personal details) of each person reading was.
We all left with such a holy and uplifted spirit and were so grateful for clarification and for the inspiration we received. Shannon has such a humble and pure spirit. I would definitely have a reading again!- Dorothy, Red Hook NY,                                                     
You put me at ease during an extremely tough time in my life where I was questioning a lot of things. You helped me come to terms with many things much sooner than I would have to try to figure it out on my own. I thank you every day for my new and different perspective on life.
                                                                        C.C.  Katonah, NY
We were very fortunate to have Shannon provide an intuitive reading for a group of 10 at a gathering of women. Shannon left each one of us with a profound sense of validation and purpose, encouraging us to reclaim our power and innate intuitive capacity. This is the second time I have worked with her, and I have noticed that she is consistently positive and uplifting in her approach. The result of her intuitive readings is always self-empowerment. In that way, she is unique from many of the people out there that claim to do similar work. Additionally, I find that Shannon acts as a clear vessel and leaves her ego entirely out of it, raising both the caliber of her work and the quality of the experience. Shannon is truly gifted at what she does and extremely generous in using those gifts to support and encourage others.
Thanks, Shannon!
J. C. NY
" I have received several readings personally with Shannon in both a group setting, as well as individually. I have found Shannon 's readings to be uplifting, positive and truthful. She has a very comforting way to tell you things about yourself, and yet, make suggestions to make a new beginning. I find myself constantly being drawn back to the words given to me in the reading and then reflecting. In order to actualize those changes. I have brought all the members of my family to her readings, even my husband, who's not too spiritually minded. They all gained real insights into their lives. She also gave my women's group pointers on developing our intuition, which I believe is our greatest gift from God. Thank you, Shannon!"
                                    Linda Red Hook, NY

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